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Convention Guide

Table of contents
  1. Accessibility
  2. Awards & Recognition
  3. Bags, Backpacks & Purses
  4. Beta Night at Kentucky
  5. Beta Serves
  6. Beta Shop/Merchandise
  7. Club Trading Pins
  8. Code of Conduct
  9. Deals & Discounts
  10. Diaper Changing Stations
  11. Dress Code
  12. Emergency Information
    1. Upon Issuance of a Warning
    2. Drop, Cover, and Hold (For use in the event of an earthquake or other imminent danger to building or immediate surroundings).
    3. Fire
    4. Bomb Threat
    5. General Safety Tips
      1. Sponsors
      2. Hotel Safety
      3. Weather Emergencies
  13. Feedback
  14. First Aid
  15. General Sessions
  16. Health & Safety Guidelines
  17. Leadership Ambassadors
  18. Leadership Challenges
  19. Livestream
  20. Lost Badges
  21. Luggage Storage
  22. Media
  23. Microphones & Keyboard
  24. Mobile App
  25. National Exhibitions
  26. National Officers
  27. Parking / Bus Parking
  28. Photography and Videography
  29. Premier Performers
  30. Prop Storage
  31. Refunds
  32. Registration & Badge Pick Up
  33. Reserving Seats
  34. Scavenger Hunt
  35. Schedules
  36. Sensory Sensitivities
  37. Shield Summit
  38. Social Media
  39. Stage
  40. Transportation
  41. Voting
  42. Wi-Fi


The Kentucky International Convention Center is ADA compliant, providing means of accessing the facility for those with disabilities.

Service animals are welcome inside the building but must remain on a leash or harness at all times.

Accessible parking spaces are available in the lots directly adjacent to the Kentucky Exposition Center buildings. Vehicles which park in the designated accessible parking spaces must display either the temporary hang tag or a permanent state license plate with the accessible parking notations. All parking in these spaces is on a first come, first served basis.

Awards & Recognition

The top 10 places in each competition are recognized during National Convention. Individuals placing 6 - 10 will receive a plaque and on-stage recognition during pre-session activities. Individuals placing in the top 5 will receive a trophy and on-stage recognition during General Session. Attendees should check the winner icons within the mobile app to determine if they should report side-stage prior to each awards ceremony. An announcement will be made prior to every awards ceremony indicating when students should make their way side-stage. Students will be asked to line up behind a sign with their competition name on it. National Beta staff and board members will provide each student with their plaque or trophy before providing them with instructions for the awards ceremony.

If a member fails to pick up their plaque or trophy, they can report sidestage prior to or immediately after a Session and ask a National Beta staff member for assistance in picking up their plaque. Any awards not picked up prior to the end of Convention will be shipped directly to each school by September 1, 2023.

Bags, Backpacks & Purses

Bags, backpacks and purses are allowed in convention venues.

Beta Night at Kentucky

We’ve partnered with Kentucky Kingdom to provide National Convention attendees an exclusive night at a local theme park. This is a separately ticketed event open to all registered attendees.

Beta night will be held on:

  • June 19
  • June 22
  • June 25

Tickets can be purchased in advance during National Convention registration and allow exclusive access to the park beginning at 7:30 PM until 12 AM. Tickets will be available for purchase on-site as well. For more information click here

Beta Serves

Beta Serves is a service initiative that gives National Convention attendees the opportunity to demonstrate our motto, Let Us Lead by Serving Others. Attendees are encouraged to donate items upon arrival and volunteer their time during National Convention. Details can be found here.

Beta Shop/Merchandise

The Beta Shop is open to all National Convention attendees. It features apparel, trading pins, drinkware, accessories and more. The Beta Shop accepts cash or debit/credit card - except AMEX.

Club Trading Pins

Participating in Club Trading Pin is a fun and innovative way to connect with other Betas attending National Convention.

  • Many clubs produce pins that best represent their club and trade them with other attendees.
  • A variety of trading pins are available for purchase in the Beta Shop.
  • Trading pins can be displayed on a convention lanyard, on a lapel, a pin towel, etc.
  • Designated trading pin times can be found in the final convention schedule.
  • All six National Sponsors and the National Beta CEO have their own trading pin. Many attendees make it their mission to meet each National Sponsor to collect their trading pin. Attendees that collect all six National Sponsor pins can receive a prize at the Beta registration desk.

Preferred Vendor: Trading Pins Direct

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with TJM Promos, Inc, and as our preferred trading pin vendor. Moving forward, they will provide all National Beta clubs with discounted pricing on any orders when you order through the link below. They are committed to excellence and service.

With Beta alumni on their team, they have the talented artists and the skills to craft award-winning pins. When you need National Beta trading pins for your upcoming Trading Pin Competition, count on them!

Code of Conduct

To download Code of Conduct form, click here. This Code of Conduct content can be used for school records ONLY. This content should NOT to be returned or submitted to National Beta.

Deals & Discounts

We’ve partnered with local attractions to provide deals for all National Convention attendees. For details, click here.

Diaper Changing Stations

Most restrooms in KICC offer diaper changing stations for attendees with young children.

Dress Code

  • Dress for National Convention must be in good taste. Many attendees wear their club t-shirts.
  • Adults are to follow the same dress code as students.
  • Name tags will be issued at registration and must be worn at all times.
  • Sponsors/chaperones should monitor student dress to ensure its appropriateness.
  • Students running for National Office will be dressed in suits.

Emergency Information

Upon Issuance of a Warning

  • Council Chair/CEO/Convention Staff will implement Severe Weather Safe Area procedure.
  • All students and attendees shall proceed to designated safe areas and remain quiet to hear further instructions.
  • Sponsors should follow standard student accounting procedures and notify National Beta Club staff of any issues.
  • Occupants of shelter areas shall remain in that area until the “all clear” is given.
  • In the event of building damage, students and attendees shall be evacuated to safer areas of the building or from the building.
  • If evacuation occurs, do not reenter the building until given the “all clear.”

Drop, Cover, and Hold (For use in the event of an earthquake or other imminent danger to building or immediate surroundings).

  • DROP to the floor, take cover under a nearby desk, table, or chair and face away from the windows.
  • COVER your eyes by leaning your face against your arms.
  • HOLD on the desk, table, or chair legs and maintain present location/position.
  • If no cover is available, get against inside doorway or crouch against inside wall and cover head; stay away from outside walls, windows or other expanses of glass, and potential falling objects.
  • Leave doors open to minimize jamming if the building shifts.
  • Do not attempt to run through the building or outside due to risk of falling objects.
  • Wait for further instructions.


  • Implement evacuation procedures to outside assembly area.
  • Assist any students needing special assistance.
  • Follow standard student accounting procedures.
  • Do not re-enter the building until being given the “all clear” to do so.

Bomb Threat

  • If an evacuation response is initiated, modify evacuation routes as necessary based on the possible location of bomb.
  • If what appears to be a bomb is found, DO NOT TOUCH IT; the police department will take charge.
  • Turn off cell phones and DO NOT transmit with radios.
  • Leave the environment as it is.
  • Avoid altering any electrical items or systems (DO NOT turn on or off lights, DO NOT change thermostat, etc.).

General Safety Tips


  • It is recommended that sponsors collect parental consent forms and emergency contact forms from students. It is also recommended that sponsors bring these forms and keep with them at all times during the convention.
  • Sponsors may also choose to take a digital photo of each student traveling with them to convention and carry them on a memory stick or flash drive. In the unlikely event that a student becomes lost, the photo will help convention staff and local authorities locate the student.

Hotel Safety

  • Read the emergency instructions on the back of your hotel room door. Familiarize yourself with the fire escape route.
  • Count the number of doors between your room and the nearest exit.
  • Do not leave your door open and always use the dead bolt.
  • Do not open your hotel door to anyone you don’t personally know. Call the front desk to verify hotel staff, security guards, and others requesting entrance to your room.
  • If you encounter questionable individuals, report them to the front desk.
  • Do not leave valuables out in the open. Many hotels provide lock boxes for your security.
  • Keep your room key with you at all times.

Weather Emergencies

Watches: Indicate that conditions are right for the development of a weather hazard. Watches cover a larger area than Warnings. Watches usually have lead times of approximately 1-2 hours (tornado or thunderstorm), 3-12 hours (flash flood), and 12-36 hours (river flood or winter storm).

Warnings: Indicate that a hazard is imminent and the probability of occurrence is extremely high. Warnings are issued based on eyewitness reports or clear signatures from remote sensing devices (radar, satellite). Warnings usually have lead times of approximately 30 minutes or less (for thunderstorm type events), and 6 -18 hours (for river floods and winter storms).

Advisories: Issued when weather is expected to disrupt normal routines, but is not expected to be life threatening (e.g., 2-3 inches of snow, dense fog, etc.). Advisory lead times are the same as Warnings.

Upon Issuance of a Watch or Advisory: Council Chair/CEO/Convention Staff will monitor weather reports for change in conditions.


A survey will be emailed to all Sponsors of registered clubs following the close of Convention.

First Aid

First aid stations are located in the upper and main concourse areas of the Kentucky International Convention Center. Multiple AED’s are located on each concourse. First aid items are also available by request at the Registration desk.

General Sessions

General Sessions feature National Officer speeches, candidate campaign rallies, performing art competition finals and awards ceremonies. It is recommended that all Beta members attend General Sessions, however, attendance is not mandatory.

Health & Safety Guidelines

In connection with your registered attendance for National Convention, please be advised that you must follow National Beta policies, CDC guidelines and the recommendations of health officials. Please note that any public location where people are present provides an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and National Beta cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed during your visit. By attending National Beta Convention, you acknowledge and agree that you assume these inherent risks associated with attendance.

Leadership Ambassadors

National Leadership Ambassadors are selected annually by a panel at the National Convention. They help facilitate the their respective Regional Leadership Summits and any Leadership Sessions held during National Convention

Leadership Challenges

National Leadership Challenges are events for clubs that qualified at a 2022-2023 Regional Leadership Summmit. Qualifying clubs must register online during the National Convention registration process. These challenges include: National Ambassador, Collaboration Connection, Project Proposal, and Lead Outside the Box. Additional details can be found here.


Livestreams of each General Session are available through Vimeo. Links to each stream can be found in the mobile app or at

Lost Badges

Any lost badges may be replaced at the National Beta registration desk. If you find a badge, please bring it to the registration desk at your earliest convenience.

Luggage Storage

A room for luggage storage will be available in the Kentucky International Convention Center for any attendees. Room location and times will be available closer to the convention date.


National Beta welcomes members of the news media to cover National Convention. All media members must email for instructions.

Microphones & Keyboard

The National Office provides up to 8 handheld microphones for Performing Arts - Solo, Duo, Trio, Performing Arts - Group and Campaign Skit participants. Participants in Performing Arts - Group also have access to dedicated instrument microphones. An 88 Key Weighted Yamaha Keyboard is also available.

Mobile App

Download the National Beta app on Apple and Android devices. The app features links to schedules, General Session details, the Handbook, winner lists and more!

National Exhibitions

National Exhibitions are events designed to showcase Betas’ cooperative teamwork, creativity and knowledge in S.T.E.M. areas. A club may enter each of the exhibitions. Since exhibitions are not state competitions, all clubs are eligible to participate. Registration must be completed during National Convention registration. Each exhibition is limited to 100 participating clubs. Exhibitions are: Meeting of the Minds, Reimagine - Recreate - Recycle, Create and Animate, and Convention Invention. Details on the Exhibitions can be found at Found here

National Officers

National Officers are elected annually by registered National Beta Convention attendees to serve the following year. Officers preside over General Sessions and are available to assist in a variety of National Convention activities.

Parking / Bus Parking

Bus parking will be available at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds which is located approximately 6 miles or a 15 minute drive from KICC. A complimentary shuttle will be made available to all bus drivers. The shuttle schedule will be released closer to the convention date.

For attendees traveling by car, a full map of public parking garages and lots in downtown Louisville can be found here. Detailed parking rates for each garage and lot can be found here.

Photography and Videography

Photography and video recording are allowed during National Convention. There will be a professional photographer in attendance of National Convention. Photographs will be posted on National Beta’s social media platforms following the conclusion of National Convention. By attending National Convention, you may be included in photos and videos. Your attendance grants your permission to be in photos or videos, which may be used for educational, archival, or promotional purposes.

Premier Performers

Premier Performers are a group of talented singers and dancers who are featured during the opening session of National Convention. These students are hand-selected during their State Conventions and are invited to perform in a special opening number.

Prop Storage

A room for prop storage will be available in the Kentucky International Convention Center for any attendees. Room location and times will be available closer to the convention date.


National Beta does not issue refunds for National Convention registrations, unless the entire convention is canceled by the National Office. Email with any questions.

Registration & Badge Pick Up

Sponsors of pre-registered attendees can pick up their bags at the registration desk. Specific dates and times will be posted at a later date. Registration bags contain badges and lanyards for each attendee. Onsite registration will be available for any attendees who did not register prior to the deadline. Onsite registration will be $55 per attendee.

Reserving Seats

A select number of seats are reserved during General Sessions for National Officer Candidates and National Beta Board Members. These seats are clearly marked with branded seat sleeve on each seat back. All other seating is open to all National Convention attendees on a first come, first served basis. Seats cannot be saved for groups with signage or by roping off sections of seating.

Scavenger Hunt

All National Beta attendees are welcome to participate in an online scavenger hunt, hosted through Goose Chase. The scavenger hunt is a great way for your Betas to take advantage of any down time between competitions. New hunts will go live every day of National Convention. The top three teams each day will receive a custom trading pin. Full details can be found here.


A detailed schedule of each convention is available within the mobile app and at Details regarding each general session can be found under the Sessions icon. All scheduled events are listed in Eastern Standard Time and are subject to change.

Sensory Sensitivities

The experience of attending a National Beta Convention is enhanced by loud, sudden audio, flashing/strobing lights, video display boards and other elements. Participants with sensitivities to these experiences should be aware of their use, especially during General Sessions. All Sessions will be broadcast via livestream for any attendees who may choose to view in a separate location.

Shield Summit

The Shield Summit is a separately ticketed, national leadership event held on three separate dates during National Convention. All Beta students registered for the National Convention can attend the Summit, which will be led by some of our premier inspirational speakers. Full details can be found here.

Social Media

Follow National Beta on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see all news and highlights during National Convention. Be sure to tag National Beta or use the hashtag #betacon23 to be featured.


The stage will be at least a 60 x 40’ performance area.


Transportation to and from the Kentucky International Convention Center is not provided by National Beta. Each club is responsible for managing their own transportation needs.


All National Beta members registered for National Convention can vote for National Officers. All voting is electronic and may be completed on a smart phone, tablet, etc by visiting or by clicking the Vote icon in the National Beta mobile app. Pre-registered members will vote using the membership number printed on their name badge. Because ID numbers are required for voting, a device can be used for more than one member. Students, that register onsite, will vote at a designate area immediately following the campaign session.


Free Wi-Fi is not available at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

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