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Beta Serves Louisville

First introduced at the 2022 National Convention in Nashville, Beta Serves is a national service project which allows Beta attending National Convention to demonstrate our motto, “Let Us Lead by Serving Others.” Through detailed research, the National Office highlights a need in the host city and partners with local organizations to allow our project to make the greatest impact.

Table of contents
  1. Beta Serves Louisville
    1. What is the 2023 project?
    2. How does it work?
    3. Service Competition
    4. Donation Guidelines and Supply List
      1. All Divisions
      2. Elementary Donation List
      3. Junior Donation List
      4. Senior Donation List
    5. Where and when do we bring our donations?
    6. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2023 project?

This year, we’re partnering with Neighborhood Place along with Jefferson County Public School District to provide school supplies to students in Louisville. Neighborhood Place has multiple locations all over the city that help serve need-based families and students from the 165 schools in the district. Each Summer, the Louisville Community comes together through the Neighborhood Place Partnership to host anywhere from 5-7 Back-To-School events that are strategically located in different areas. This ensures that their students and families can access these events close to their home. The items collected by clubs this summer will be distributed to the students attending these events.

How does it work?

We’re asking clubs to collect items that have been requested by Neighborhood Place and bring them to National Convention. Donations have been broken up by division to ensure an equal amount of each item are collected.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to serve in various ways during National Convention. Additional details regarding service will be released at a later date.

Service Competition

The top 10 schools per division who donate the most items averaged per attendee will win a plaque AND our exclusive Beta Serves Louisville pin! Awards will be given pre-session during the last session. Items will be counted based on the list below.

Donation Guidelines and Supply List

  1. Donations have been broken up by division. Only items listed specifically for your division will count towards the competition.
  2. Only items listed below will be accepted.
  3. All items must be new and in original packaging. Please refer to the item count next to each item.
  4. Items will only be accepted at a designated location at specified drop-off times.

Examples of each item are linked in each list.

All Divisions

15” or larger Backpack (New Only): 1 backpack = 5 items

Junior Donation List

Senior Donation List

Where and when do we bring our donations?

All items should be delivered to Hall C where they will be counted by a National Office staff member. Ideally, all items from a particular club should be dropped off at once. However, if your club is arriving to National Convention at different times, they may be dropped off at your convenience during the posted drop-off schedule.

Specific drop-off times will be determined closer to the Convention date and will be published here and in the National Convention schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why am I only allowed to bring items listed for my division? The list was split between each division to ensure that we did not collect an over supply of one item and too few of others.
  • Why must the items be new and in packages? All students deserve to start school with new school supplies. As educators, parents, and students, we know that new school supplies boost a student’s confidence and help start the school year off on the right foot. We want to ensure all students we are serving are afforded that same opportunity.
  • What if I bring a larger pack count of an item? If you bring a large pack of an item and the pack can easily be split into smaller, equal, same packs , we will divide the count requested by the number in your pack. For example: a 6-count pack of glue sticks will be counted as 3 items but a pack of 60 crayons cannot be split into equal and same packs.
  • If I buy an item in bulk but it is not individually packaged, will you accept them? The only items that we can accept if not packaged are glue sticks, scissors, pens, pencils, and highlighters. However, we do ask that these items be in the original purchase box. Example: A bulk box of 60 glue sticks will count as 30 items if they are in the original bulk packaging.
  • Why will you only accept items listed? While we understand that Betas are incredibly generous with their donations, Neighborhood Place and Jefferson County Public School District have a limited amount of storage to house all donations. Their team created a list based on the items that every student they serve will need. Although some students may need additional items, they requested items that were the most important.

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