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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I pay using a PO or Check?

A: Make sure that you are logged in using your Sponsor Credentials. Only once the system recognizes you as a Sponsor will it allow you to checkout with the payment option of PO or Check. If you believe you are logged in correctly and still do not see these options-please email and include your first/last name and the email you are using to login to the shop.

NOTE: If you are the bookkeeper, principal, or anyone else involved with the club attempting to checkout using a PO or Check, you will need to either have the Club’s sponsor login for you or obtain their login information at their discretion. Only individuals listed as a club sponsor will have the ability to see these options at checkout.

Q: How can I obtain an invoice?

A: If you didn’t get an invoice emailed to you, email with your order number and request an invoice copy. Your order number will begin with “10000….” If you cannot find your order number, you would have received a confirmation email shortly after placing your order.

Q: Where is my order?

A: Please be aware that we allow ourselves up to 2 full business days to fulfill and ship your order. Orders placed after 1PM will begin on the next day. If you placed an order for a custom item, please allow at least 10 business days for the item to be made and shipped. You will receive an email with shipping confirmation when the label is created. If you believe your order to be past the processing time and have not received an email, email with your order number and request an update.

Q: I paid for expedited shipping and still haven’t received my order or I am worried about placing my order because I don’t know if I will receive it in time. What do I do?

A: Please be aware that the USPS’s priority mail is not an expedited shipping method even if it says 1, 2, or 3 day next to it. These are the Post Office’s estimates at the time of shipment and are generally correct, but no guarantee is behind them. The only expedited shipping options we offer are “USPS Priority Mail EXPRESS” and UPS’s Second and Next day air options. Since we allow ourselves up to 2 full business days for processing time, we cannot guarantee that orders placed on one day with next day air shipping will be received the following day. It is best to look ahead and select the shipping you would need if your order shipped two days from the order date(unless it is a custom order). If you have an emergency and need your items ASAP, please email us at and let us know what is going on. We will try to help you as best we can to get you your order.

Q: What is your return policy/how do I make a return?

A: We accept full and partial returns within 60 days of your order date. Instructions can be found at the bottom of the Beta Shop home page under the “Customer Service” section. Please be sure to include a copy of your order confirmation email.

Q: How do I login as a sponsor? Am I logged in correctly? I don’t know my login information. All login issues:

A: To login-make sure you go to the top right of the Beta Shop home page and click on the white silhouette. If you clicked the link to the Beta Shop from the sponsor site, you are not logged in. If you are a guest, you can reset your password with your email. If you are a sponsor, when you type in your email you will see a note pop up that you have an existing account. If you are a sponsor and are having trouble with your password/account, please email so that we can fix your account on our side. Your login information will have to match your Sponsor site login information. Sometimes we will have to manually set your account as “Sponsor”.

Q: I tried to checkout with a credit card, but the order didn’t go through and there is just a spinning wheel.

A: Exit out of your browser and go back in to your account. The items should still be in your cart. At checkout, double check ALL of your information including your shipping and billing addresses. Make sure if you are using a school card that the billing address is correct. If you still have trouble, email and we will take a look at your account.

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