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Elementary Academics

Online Only Competition

These online tests are designed to offer students the opportunity to test their academic skills and to reinforce educational standards. Each of the listed academic subjects will be a 30 minute online multiple choice test to be taken during a designated testing window prior to convention. Language Arts will have 45 minutes. A club may enter one student in each grade level per content area. A student may take only one test. A link to tests will be sent to registered club sponsors. Test access will be linked to the registered student’s Beta Membership ID number. Changes may not be made after the finalization of registration.

Time limit: 30 Minutes with the exception of Language Arts which will have 45 minutes.

Areas of Academics Tested
Language Arts
Social Studies

Competition Guidelines

  1. No consultation is allowed during the testing time.

  2. Completion time of all tests will be recorded. In case of a tie, the participant who finished first will be declared the winner.

  3. Math - Calculators are permitted, but not required, and are the responsibility of the participant.

Educational Connections

Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Spanish
Grade 4-5 Standards Grade 4-5 Standards Grade 4-5 Standards Grade 4-5 Standards Grade 4-5 Standards
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Spanish Expressions
Vocabulary Math Vocabulary Science Vocabulary Geography / US History / World History Grammar
ELA Core Content (Literature, Informational Text, Writing Foundational Skills) Geometry / Computation / Problem Solving / Measurement / Number / Operations / Fractions / Expressions / Ratio and Proportions / Equations / Analyze Data / Scientific Notifications / etc. Earth Science / Biology / Physical Science Social Studies Vocabulary Spanish Core Content
Literary Analysis     Gathering and Evaluating Sources Reading Comprehension
      Democratic Decision Making  

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