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Convention General Information

  • Beta Conventions are open to certified members, school officials, sponsors, alumni, parents, and chaperones upon proper registration. Everyone must be registered.
  • Each group must be accompanied by a sponsor or chaperone. A ratio of one adult for every ten members is suggested.
  • Each club must make its own arrangements for lodging. It is not necessary to stay in the convention headquarters hotel. Betas may stay any place approved by their parents, sponsors and chaperones. Advance registration for lodging is urged, and confirmation should be requested in writing. Bring the confirmation to the convention with you. Advance online registration by Beta is required and a late fee will be charged if you do not preregister by the deadline date. There are NO REFUNDS on convention registration. There will be no exceptions made on convention registration unless the entire convention is canceled by the National Office.
  • Only registered Betas may take part in competitions and each club should pick up their registration materials at the designated time and place.
  • Admission to all meetings is by name badge only. This is secured when one registers and will admit the individual to all events.
  • Preregistered members will vote using membership number printed on his/her name badge. Electronic voting may be done on smart phones, iPads, etc. Because id numbers will be used for a member to vote, a device can be used for more than one member. Students, that register onsite, will vote at a designate area immediately following the campaign session.
  • Participants in all competitions must be on the National Beta roll two weeks prior to the deadline date.
  • Name badges must be worn during the convention.

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