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Table of contents
  1. Using the Mobile App: Sponsor Guide
    1. State/National Convention Details
      1. Viewing Information for Other States
    2. Your Club Information
    3. Service Hour Manager
      1. Reviewing Service Hours
      2. Pending Your Approval
      3. Recent Club Activity
      4. School Year Club Totals
      5. Calculating Service Hours
    4. Service Leaderboard
    5. Convention Colors
    6. Navigation Cheatsheet

Using the Mobile App: Sponsor Guide

Sponsors have access to the following information:

State/National Convention Details

All users have access to State and National Convention information when using the app. This information is accessible by clicking the yellow circles below the areas indicated as State Convention and National Convention. Details are divided by division:

  • Elementary (where offered)
  • Junior
  • Senior

These sections may contain details such as:

  • Welcome - Showcases each State Council, Officers, State Sponsors, and Status Sponsors.
  • Schedule - The full Convention Schedule can be found here. Competition rooms will be added to the agenda within 2 weeks of each Convention.
  • Sessions - Outlines each General Session Agenda
  • Candidates - Lists the names of each student running for State/National Office
  • Performing Arts Performance Orders - Lists school names in performance order for each respective competition.
  • Songfest/ShowChoir Performance Orders - Lists school names in performance order for each respective competition.
  • Voting - Gain quick access to the voting portal.
  • Livestream - Quickly access General Session and Award Ceremonies through Vimeo.

    Viewing Information for Other States

Whether you’re logged in as a Member, Sponsor or Guest, you may navigate to the schedules for other states by clicking the three Navigation Bars found at the right of your State Convention information. A screen will open asking you to select your convention state.

Your Club Information

To access this section, click the yellow My Club button. This section contains your Club ID and school address as well as your membership roster. The roster lists each student’s name, member ID and current grade level.

If you are the sponsor of more than one club, a gray Change Club button will appear within you app. Click the button to navigate between clubs.

Service Hour Manager

Reviewing Service Hours

By accessing the Service Manager found on the app homepage, you’ll be able to see any service hours your members have submitted and approve or deny them based on the information provided. You’ll also see service hours totals for your club beginning July 1 - July 30 for the current school year.

Pending Your Approval

Review the service hour entries sent to you by each member for approval/denial.

  • Hours will be listed by student and include the category type, service description, number of hours served and a date/timestamp when the activity was logged.
  • To approve a submission , you’ll select the green Approve button below the entry. This will automatically move the activity entry into the Recent Club Service section.
  • To reject a submission , you’ll select the Reject button below the entry. This will automatically remove the activity entry from your list.


Recent Club Activity

This section will list all entries you have most recently approved.

School Year Club Totals

Review the total hours your club has entered through the app based on the project’s category. Categories are:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Citizenship & Civic Engagement
  • Education or Literacy
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response
  • Environment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Hunger
  • Homelessness & Poverty
  • Military & Veterans
  • Senior Citizens
  • School Beautification

Calculating Service Hours

All service hours entered in the app are automatically transferred to the service hour tracking section within the Sponsor Site. These hours are tabulated by our system to award the Service Hour Award at the end of each year. If there are hours or activities performed by your members that are not entered through the app, those hours will need to be entered via the Sponsor Site.

Service Leaderboard

This section allows you to see how clubs ranks in service against other clubs in the nation and their state.

Click the yellow, View By Activity button to see how clubs ranks in specific areas of service. Select a category type from the list shown to view the total service hours nationally or within your state.

You can also see how the students in your club rank against each other within the Club Leaders section.

Convention Colors

What it is - By clicking this section of the app, you’ll activate a color wheel. Your phone screen will automatically rotate through three colors, white, light gray and yellow. It may take a few moments to load. When to use it - The Convention Colors section was designed to be used during State or National Convention general sessions. Hold it up in the air instead of using your phone’s flashlight. How to stop it - Simply tap the screen to return to the main screen of your app.

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