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Junior Club Trading Pin

Club Trading Pin is a fun and innovative way to represent your club’s achievement, character, and leadership. Likewise, the Club Trading Pin can uniquely share more about your club and it’s service. This competition is open to all clubs. Be creative and submit your one-of-a-kind Club Trading Pin for judging. During the award presentation, plaques will be awarded to the top Club Trading Pin entries.

Competition Guidelines

  1. Club Trading Pins may promote your club, but must not have reference to or promote any candidate for office.

  2. Must be commercially reproduced; pin may have dangles, light up elements, moving parts, etc.

  3. At the designated time, clubs will submit one pin for judging.* (No interviews)

  4. All pins must be Beta related, but do not have to be based on the theme.

  5. This competition is open to all the clubs and recognition will be given to the top entries.

Educational Connections

  • Visual Arts Elements and Standards
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Use of Artistic Media
  • Critical Thinking

How to Enter

  • Visit and follow directions.
  • Register students and then select competitions to enter.
  • Check the students that will participate in this competition.

National Eligibility


Judging Criteria

  • Holistic style judging will be used to determine the award winners in the competition. Judges will use the following to determine the winners:

    • Creativity – originality, innovation
    • Composition – lines, simplicity, balance, color contrast, details
    • Focus – degree of sharpness or softness, depth of field
    • Primary visual impact – subject matter
    • Presentation – appearance, overall artistic appeal
    • Degree of difficulty - complexity

Club Trading Pin Form

Please note: this form must be printed, completed, and submitted with your entry.

Print Club Trading Pin form

Preferred Vendor

We recently partnered with TJM Promos, Inc, and as our preferred trading pin vendor! Trading Pins Direct will offer discounted pricing on orders placed by National Beta Clubs. Learn how to get the discount by clicking here.

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