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Code of Conduct

Knowing that any organization is judged largely by the behavior of its individual members, we who attend the Beta Club Convention, agree that our registering at the Beta Convention constitutes our subscribing to the following rules which comprise the Code of Conduct.

Rule 1: Each Sponsor is responsible for each and every one of his/her students. Therefore, students must keep their Sponsor informed of their whereabouts at all times.

Rule 2: Betas registered at the Convention should be present for all scheduled meetings and on time.

Rule 3: Curfew is promptly at 12:00 AM unless the State Council announces otherwise. This means in your own room and respectfully quiet.

Rule 4: Members may visit other members’ rooms only with the Sponsor’s knowledge and approval.

Rule 5: No alcoholic beverages or drugs in any form, shall be possessed by anyone at a Beta Convention. No use of any tobacco products, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes (vaping), and “spit tobacco” will be allowed within facilities of The National Beta Club Convention or at any National Beta function at any time. Clothing which advertises sex, drugs, tobacco or alcohol will not be permitted.

Rule 6: All registered Betas and adults are expected to wear official name badges at all times. Admission to meetings and the convention functions is by name badge only.

Rule 7: Each registered Beta is expected to display and exert leadership qualities in a responsible manner that will lead to the organized success of this Convention. Betas should conduct themselves in such a manner that their actions will reflect favorably on the school and community and all of those responsible for providing the student with this opportunity.

We agree that any violation of these rules subjects our entire chapter to being sent home and all honors and awards forfeited. Serious misconduct on our part shall be reported to our Principal and our parents, who shall be advised that we are barred from participating in future Beta Conventions, and shall constitute grounds for the cancellation of our school’s charter of The National Beta Club.

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This Code of Conduct Form can be used for school records ONLY. This form should NOT to be returned or submitted to National Beta.

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