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Shield Summit

Join us for the second annual Shield Summit, a national leadership event. The Shield Summit is a separately ticketed event open to all National Convention attendees. It provides attendees with valuable leadership training led by some of National Beta’s premier inspirational speakers. The Summit is a beneficial way to fill any downtime your students may experience at National Convention.


  • Monday, June 19; 3 PM - 4:30 PM (Senior Beta) - Speaker: Donnie Thurman
  • Thursday, June 22; 11 AM - 12 PM (Elementary Beta) - Speaker: Ted Weise
  • Friday, June 23; 6 PM - 7:30 PM (Junior Beta) - Speaker: Donnie Thurman


The Summit will be held at KICC in Exhibit Hall D.

How much?

Shield Summit entry is $10 per person.

Tickets are open to all National Beta members who are registered for the National Convention.

What is included?

Attendees will experience 60 -90 minutes (depending on division) of inspirational and interactive leadership training as well as a special access pass alongside their registration badge.

How can I buy tickets?

Tickets will be available for pre-purchase through National Convention registration. No tickets may be purchased after the National Convention deadline date, May 4, 2023.

However, tickets will be available for purchase onsite at the National Convention registration desk.

How will I receive my tickets?

Tickets pre-purchased through National Convention registration will be included in each club’s registration bag.

Tickets purchased onsite at the National Convention will be provided at the registration desk.

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